Recruitment Process

Planning Stage
  • Assistance with job descriptions, definitions, and compensation research as needed.
  • Establish clear understanding of position requirements, including desired tangibles such as experience level and skills, and further crucial intangibles such as personality fit, leadership ability and creative power.
  • When feasible, spend time with designated benchmark employees in equal or similar role to open position; assess additional technical and interpersonal must-haves.
  • Evaluate organization history, culture and future.
  • Development of key candidate profile. 
Active Recruiting Stage
  • Focus on identifying talent through established formal and informal networks
  • Personal and live connects are always valued first
  • Conduct online research leveraging various technical tools to surface and confirm candidate viability both directly and indirectly
  • Evaluate candidates’ technical and organizational culture fit.
  • Perform interview preps and post-summaries for each candidate presented
  • Maintain scheduled follow-up plan including post-interview discussions with client
  • Be available for informal communication and feedback
  • Perform reference checks on candidates
Closing and Placement
  • Assist in development and delivery of offer
  • Guide candidates to and through a clean and structured closing process, avoiding volleys of negotiations and counter offers.
  • Provide periodic executive coaching and follow-up to newly hired employee during first year for candid feedback regarding the transition into the new position.
  • Serve as a liaison between new hire and client regarding any observations or clarifications that might surface.


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